Modular Furniture Designed By You, For You!

TETRAN™ makes its owners the custom furniture designers of their unique living space. Modules are repurposed for new functions or redesigned for alternate living spaces, there are endless color, finish, and material options to keep up with even the most rapid changes in style, and any damaged elements are easily and inexpensively replaced. The result is a beautiful, functional, versatile home furnishing solution for everybody.

“Designed with the belief that everyone has the right to create and recreate their living space as their life demands and their mood directs.”



TETRAN's infinite design capabilities, limitless styling options, durable construction, and eco-friendly materials truly make it THIS Century Modern Furniture.



TETRAN's multi-functional, dual-purpose, or single-purpose designs will perfectly compliment any living space big or small.



TETRAN's simply executed design flat-packs right to your doorstep with only three basic elements for easy assembly of infinite designs.

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