A New Breed of Furniture is Born

Like many children of the early ‘80’s, Ruke’s formidable toy collection was filled with LEGOs and Transformers. The unique part of his growing up in Sri Lanka was that his parents did his birthday shopping at the duty free shop in the airport—the only place they could find the American toys that he so loved. Ruke’s childhood fascination with the widely popular colorful interlocking plastic building blocks and the dynamic futuristic transforming action figures propelled him to a career in design as an adult here in the States.

After a frustrating seven months of trying to find furniture for his first tiny college studio apartment (filled with many unfruitful trips to IKEA), Ruke set out to design a new kind of furniture incorporating the modular principles of LEGOs, and the transformative nature of Transformers. This transformative new type of modular furniture would meet the basic criteria of every furniture shopper:

1) size, rather than rigid prefabricated designs, this new type of furniture would allow for scalability to fit any size living space;

2) function, this new type of furniture would allow its owners to create, and recreate, furniture designs specific to the functions and purposes they required; and

3) style, this new type of furniture would allow for unlimited color, fabric, material, and texture options to fit anybody’s personal style.

While doing freelance design work, Ruke met an ambitious young attorney named Matt. The two struck-up an instant friendship, and within two weeks of showing Matt the concept art for his innovative new furniture, the two quit their day jobs to start TETRAN Infinite Living Systems.

Adopting LEGO’s motto, “only the best is good enough”, Ruke and Matt set out to design their new furniture with the highest quality materials and cutting edge design and manufacturing tools and methods available. The result is truly something “more than meets the eye” to steal a line from the Transformers. TETRAN is more than just beautifully designed and styled modern furniture; it is a revolution in modern furniture design that will cause people to see their furniture as more than just inanimate objects.

“Designed with the belief that everyone has the right to create and recreate their living space as their life demands and their mood directs.” 

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